Top rock chicks of all time

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To celebrate the release of The Runaways, the story of Joan Jett, I’ve put together a gallery of the top rock chicks of all time. They’re all there, from Courtney Love to Pink, from Peaches (pictured) to Meg White. Check it out here.

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Chaser bounce back with election special

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You didn’t think they’d be back did you? You thought they’d fade off in to the ether. Well how wrong you were. They’re back with an election special. As well as that they name the funniest politicians on the planet and reveal their new iPad app… and there’s even a video interview… so read, watch and hear what a fool you were to think otherwise here.

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What happens to MasterChef contestants?

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With Marion’s shock exit from the nation’s top cooking show it’s worth asking the question – what happens to MasterChef contestants? Well you saw them arrive blinking and bewildered into the showbiz world only a few short months ago… you watched them eat… you watched them grow… you watched them cry… actually you watched them cry a lot. And then you watched them.. want to keep reading? Click here.

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20 greatest monsters of all time

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I’m celebrating the release of Predators with a homage to the scariest beasts to ever menace the silver screen. Since its first outing in 1987’s Predator this killer has been reincarnated no less than five times on screen. The latest outing sees a band of Predators go head-to-head against Adrien Brody and Laurence Fishburne in a blood fest so big they had to create a new planet just to catch all the falling body parts. Course, he’s not the only terrifying sliver screen beast – who can forget the Rancor from Star Wars. Anyway, check them all out here.

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Greatest screen vampires

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Ok so Eclipse has landed. And vampire-philes across the globe are salivating. So I’ve put together a gallery of your favourite vampire characters of all time. Everyone’s there from Buffy’s mates to the True Blood crew to bloodsuckers from Van Helsing, Blade, Underworld and of course Lesbian Vampire Killers. Count Duckula is obviously there too… see them here.

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Claudia Karvan and the wardrobe malfunction

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At the launch of her new vampire film Daybreakers Claudia Karvan opened up about that Logies wardrobe malfunction… Watch the 60 second vid here.

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Dare I Ask? – Kick’s Arse

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So we won Best Program on community TV! I’m blushing, so many people to thank, Max Markson, Jonathan Holmes, John ‘turkey slap’ Bric – we had them all on. We had prostitutes, swingers, Christians, and even, in one particularly out-there episode, a bureaucrat. A big win like this isn’t bad for a little show filmed in the basement of Paddo Town Hall. Congrats to EP Linda Mirabillio and Tilly Boleyn especially, as well as all the Metro staff and students who worked like miners to get a great program to air each week. Now Metro, UWS – commission a new season! Take a look at episodes 6, 10 or 14 here.

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Masterchef Misery

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You’ve got to feel for the poor final seven contestants in MasterChef. I can tell you, as a former reality TV contestant, they must be furious. For months they’ve been busy cooking their hearts out, excitedly doing interviews to camera, pretending to be all sorry when their mates get chopped and keeping a straight face at George’s ridiculous gesticulations. For week after week they’ve been away from their families and friends being poked and prodded by producers hell bent on squeezing out every tear, every lip tremble, every tanty. Read more.

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What’s it like being a Celebrity Sibling?

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What’s it like when your little sister get’s more famous than you? What happens when your stellar career stalls and your big brother suddenly gets more famous than you? Well these are all the pitfalls of being a celebrity sibling. Read on.

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Would you want to be Kristen Stewart?

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OK, so imagine this. You’ve got the central part in the biggest movie franchise in a generation. You’re dating your co-star who just happens to be one of the most desired men on the planet. You travel the globe on promotional tours and according to Vanity Fair, $US16 million ($18.8 million) last year alone. Oh, and you’re only 20. Does that sound like fun?  Would that be in some way pleasant? Read on.

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The most retold stories of all time

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WHEN Ridley Scott’s latest film ‘Robin Hood’ opens today it will be the 53rd time the swashbuckling woodsman has appeared on our screens in the last 102 years. The classic story of the arrow slinging rebel who robbed from the rich and gave to the poor was first made in 1908 as a silent movie called Robin Hood and his Merry Men. Read more.

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Skeptics give the tick of approval

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Getting a normal person’s tick of approval is one thing. But getting a pat on the head from a skeptical person is quite another. So I was delighted when cult busters and atheist campaigners Rachael Dunlop and Richard Saunders came round to quiz me on my research into groups like Scientology, Hillsong and Freedom First. Listen to the podcast here… it’s episode 65.


Bonsoy the Toxic Health Food

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You’d hardly expect a Soy latte to send you to the hospital with a bung thyroid gland. But it’s already happened to 10 Aussies. Bonsoy, a Japanese Soy Milk, was banned in December because the seaweed extract squirted in it punches its Iodine levels through the roof. But still some coffee shops are selling the stuff. And we, with the help of some A Current Affair style tactics, went to catch them out… watch it here on NINEMSN.

bonsoy dummy

Sex parties, dodgy heroines, and AC/DC

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It’s only when a TV show gets all controversial that you really wish you’d been watching it! So it goes with Skins the SBS program that is meant to be inspiring our youth to have drug fuelled sex parties.  Chris and I yakked about that on Sydney’s top rating radio station 2GB on Monday and also about the nastiness heaped on Aussie actress Mia Wasikowska the Canberra chick who plays the lead in Alice in Wonderland. Listen here.


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Lara Bingle, Ruby Rose and other important stuff

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So Lara left the keys to her Aston Martin in her Range Rover – something, let’s face it, that could happen to any of us. Unfortunately some local Bondi kids used them to go for a joy ride… And Ruby lost her dog… these are the big issues if you are a gossip columnist. But should it matter to us?  And does it matter if it does? I spoke to Luke Bona over at 2GB to get to the bottom of it. Listen here.


Carlotta, John Lennon and an evil Kerry Packer

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Yakked to Luke Bona filling in for Chris Smith and talked entertainment news. Had a massive scoop with my news that Carlotta is retiring after 44 years on the cabaret circuit. Yes the inspiration behind Priscilla Queen of the Desert is bowing out. Also talked about the new John Lennon biopic Nowwhere Boy which is great and Jodee Rich’s outrageous claim that Kerry Packer was evil. Click here to listen.

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Talking to Alice in The Alice

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A couple of weeks ago I started chatting to ABC Alice Springs Mornings presenter Alice Brennan. I’m meant to do a weekly wrap up of politics, but usually end up running down tangents to make her laugh. So if you’re in The Alice on a Wednesday morning at 9.40am tune into 783 AM…


What do Tiger Woods and Matthew Johns have in common?

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Well nothing. Expect they were both mentioned in my weekly entertainment report on 2GB. But don’t worry about that. Worry what exactly was going on with Tiger Woods and his woozer when she smashed in the back of his SUV with a golf club. And why won’t he talk to the cops? Is it because the scratches on his face could lead to them charging his wife with domestic violence? Well find out the answer to that and so much more by clicking here and listening…

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