Libs and kids don’t mix

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It’s not a huge story for most.  It will probably drift through the news cycle unnoticed, especially in the context of the Victorian bushfires. But the Rudd government is about to right one of the malicious wrongs of the previous administration by allowing Universities to charge a modest fee for campus services. Sound pretty reasonable and innocuous?  That’s cos it is. But… click HERE to read on.

Timbo lands at radio 2GB

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So I just got a new gig over at Sydney’s most popular radio station – radio 2GB.  I’ll be having a yak to Afternoon presenter Chris Smith every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at around 2.10pm – see have a look for yourself if you don’t believe me! We’ll have a yarn about the big stories in entertainment – TV, theatre, movies, goss and all that fun stuff.  If you’re in Sydney have a listen.  The frequency is 873AM.  Otherwise go to the website to listen by clicking HERE.

Who’s to blame for the Victorian bushfires?

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We could, like Premier Brumby, blame the warning systems. We could, like Wilson ‘Iron Bar’ Tuckey, blame our major parties for “putting in more reserves to get Green preferences”. We could focus on the arsonists. We could blame, like Piers Akerman hinted today, that it might all have been the work of “Islamic extremists” who “last year singled Australia out as a target for ‘forest jihad’.” Or perhaps we could hold the decriminalising of state abortion laws late last year responsible as Pastor Danny Nalliah… click HERE to read on.

Are the Victorian bushfires the beginning of global warming?

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Phil Koperberg knows bushfires.  He’s spent his whole life fighting them. For 10 years he was on the front line as NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner. So when he comes out and says firefighters are going to have to adjust what they do because of global warming – it’s worth listening to. This morning, in the face of the phenomenally ferocious bushfires in Victoria, he stated categorically that fires are now behaving in different ways because of global warming.  Click HERE to read on…

Obama’s pay cap clampdown should be just the start

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Barack Obama’s move to cap executive pay at $500,000 in companies that have just got government handouts is a great start. But he needs to go further. He needs to cap all executive pay using a simple system: no executive should be paid more than10 times the lowest paid person in their business. Because clearly no-one works ten times harder or is ten times more talented than anyone else.  And to claim they are is just … click HERE to read on.

Did sniffer dogs kill this Perth teenager?

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Great, so now kids are so shite-scared of police sniffer dogs that they’re dumping their eccies before they can be searched and dying as a consequence. You have to ask, is it worth it? And if you’re asking it, no doubt so will the parents of the Perth 17-year-old Gemma Thoms, who died on Sunday after reportedly taking three tablets outside the gates of the Big Day Out because she was so scared of getting caught. Of course the police are proudly… click HERE to read on and to WATCH the sniffer dog video.

Sydney playwright hits nail on head

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As the Sydney Festival revs up to give the harbour city it’s annual dose of culture one of the theatre scene’s rising stars, playwright Nick Coyle, has delivered yet another hilarious offering to us regular play going punters. The young Sydney playwright’s latest work Hammerhead (is dead) continues his unbroken record of the hilarious and surreal plays which have become his mainstay. Coyle’s latest revolves around the adventures of Hammerhead – a boy who we meet in a circumstance which would be awkward for anyone…. click HERE to read on and to WATCH the preview.

Has Scientology claimed another life?

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The death of John Travolta’s son, Jett, after a seizure has put the spotlight back on Scientology with reports the famous actor refused to give his son potentially life-saving drugs due to his beliefs. If true, the tragic death of Jett Travolta is yet another nail in the coffin of a discredited money-hungry group whose disconnection from reality has now stopped being funny – and is becoming dangerous. While the Travoltas assert Jett suffered from… click HERE to read on and to WATCH the video.

OK, OK… now online child abuse laws are getting scary

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I got an absolute kicking after writing last week that that guy who got busted with the pictures of Bart and Lisa from the Simpsons having sex deserved what was coming to him. I said that if cartoons depicting adults engaged in sex are titillating and sexually interesting, which they are, then cartoons that depict children engaged in sexual acts are repulsive by equal measure. Almost everyone who commented on the column disagreed. But now this latest case where a Queensland bloke was arrested… click HERE to read on.

Bringing sex workers into the light

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Yesterday morning I joined a group of Sydneysiders gathered at a Darlinghurst café for some morning tea. Like any other group they basked in the sun passing around chocolate biscuits, sipping on coffee and puffing on cigarettes. But these people weren’t you’re average nine to fivers. They were Sydney prostitutes gathered to mark the International Day of Ending Violence Against Sex Workers.  Click HERE to read on and to watch the VIDEO.

Our Cate shines in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

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When Cate Blanchett stepped on stage at last week’s Sydney premiere of her latest movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button she was at pains to pay homage to its director David Fincher. With good reason. As Blanchett pointed out the artistic mind behind Se7en, Fight Club and Panic Room brings a refreshing cynicism to the ‘love conquers all’ themes in the film, stopping it from veering into the realms of the cheesy. But he also explores well, if a little meanderingly, the… click HERE to read on and to WATCH the red carpet.

Great shoes through history

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Over the years, many have made the mistake of assuming the most important tools of a world statesmen are things like armies, rhetoric, white papers and press secretaries. In fact they’re not. The most important instrument is in fact the humble shoe.  From Cinderella to George W Bush to the Duke of Wellington shoes have changed more history than you might think…  click HERE to see a time line of this miraculous invention’s impact on world history.

Is Simpsons porn child porn?

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Having pictures of The Simpsons characters having sex on your computer is sick. It’s stomach turning, it’s ugly, it’s just bloody creepy. But does it make you a child pornographer? Well according to the Supreme Court it does. In a landmark ruling today a Sydney man lost his appeal to have his child porn conviction quashed. He had tried to argue that the images he had of cartoon characters Bart, Lisa and Maggie having sex didn’t depict… click HERE to read on.

Bosses need to get house in order

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Just a day after employer unions were bleating about a ‘return to union power’ with the recent introduction of Julia Gillard’s Fair Work laws, multinational behemoth Toys R Us has been caught out rorting its young workforce. Sydney-wide raids by officers from the Workplace Ombudsman (a rabid left-wing body set up by John Howard) found that staff are owed several million dollars following systemic underpayment according to today’s The Daily Telegraph. When the staff – on no doubt already abysmal retail wages – are owed several million dollars, you know the rort must have been pretty big. The Workplace Ombudsman also found… click HERE to read on.

Labor stops pub punch-ups, Coalition starts one

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It’s the ultimate irony – on the same night the Labor party was voting to stop pub punch-ups Nationals MP Andrew Fraser was shoving a female colleague on the floor of parliament fresh from Christmas drinks. His boss, the aptly named Andrew Stoner, has today been forced to admonish Fraser who has been dumped from shadow cabinet. What better way to show the Coalition is in the pockets of the beer barons? Well there is a better one actually: they refused to… click HERE to read on and to watch the video of the punch-up.

What is the fixie phenomenon?

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You’ve probably seen them around town.  Those new bikes some bike couriers ride with no gears and no brakes. Sure they look good.  In fact, they look great.  With no gears, cables and often no brakes they look clean, sleek and uncluttered. Aficionados talk about the incredible ‘oneness’ you feel with the bike and the unprecedented level of control. And their street cred is undeniable – along with a few well placed tattoos and piercings there’s nothing cooler in the alleys of Newtown than a fixy. The only problem is they’re not… click HERE to read on.

Who Obama called first

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Which country did Obama call first after his election? The nation’s strongest ally Israel?  Its biggest rival China? Its neighbours Canada or Mexico?  Or perhaps America’s cultural bedrock, the United Kingdom? Would you believe me if I told you it was us? Well, according to the phone records released by his transition team, we were. The list says that Obama called nine countries on November 6th… click HERE to read on.

Cycle rage for a reason

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This afternoon hundreds of cyclists will cross the harbour bridge. While the annual exercise is to get more cycleways and other bike facilities for Sydney – mostly it will just annoy the hell out of exhausted city workers anxious to get home. But as someone who rides to work everyday I have just one thing to say – Now you know how we feel. Cyclists have long been the poor cousins of car drivers. It’s actually impossible to use Sydney’s major arteries in peak hour as a cyclist – even if… click HERE to read on.

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