How much more coke can we drink?

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What is Coke trying to achieve with their new controversial ‘myth-busting’ advertising campaign?  Australians are the biggest consumers per capita of Coke in the world.  So the question has to be asked – how much more do you want us to drink? What’s the goal?  A 10% increase?  A 20% increase?  Should we use it to bathe with or to brush our teeth?   What I’m saying is – click HERE to read on.

Why the Coalition can’t do funny

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You have to feel sorry for the opposition.  Any opposition. Constantly having to feign indignation, outrage and chortling disbelief.  But having said that, the latest press release from Senator Ron Boswell’s office sets new records for destructive blinker wearing and pointless wannabe point scoring.  Basically, his release seeks to lampoon Ross Garnaut’s suggestion that more land be turned over for kangaroo meat production.  You’d think a guy like Senator Boswell, who’s constituents include… click HERE to read more.

The smell of dreams being broken

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You’re hardly going to turn down a chance to go to a model audition. The concept conjures up all kinds of saucy, sexy images; bold and beautiful women striding powerfully down catwalks, pouting hotties draped over rocks as surf pounds in the background… So yesterday when I was asked to go out and cover the first cattle call for Foxtel’s ratings juggernaut, Australia’s Next Top Model, I jumped at it. But it’s not what I thought. It wasn’t the serene airbrushed world I expected. In actual fact, I found myself in a massive suburban shopping centre with hundreds of desperate girls corralled behind… click HERE to read on.

Obama, Hitler, Muslim Boys & Anna Coren

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Every week over at we approve a lot of comments.  Most of them are informed, concise, and cogent.  But sometimes well… sometimes people are nuts.  And that’s when it gets fun… click HERE for a taste.

Akerman Watch: Rudd caused world economic crisis

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It must be sad to be Piers Akerman. And I’m not just talking about his dinkus.* I mean it must be sad to be him. Imagine what it’s like when none of your Tory mates are in power. Suddenly there’s no-one to do your research for you. After years of neo-fascist propaganda being delivered straight to your inbox from the bilge pumps of the Howard Government to be barely digested before being spewed out into your hate-filled septic slick of a… click HERE to continue.

Will it be beers all round or de ja vu for Manly?

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I went down to one of Sydney’s most iconic beaches to ask the hard questions:  Are the Silvertails of Manly annoyed the fibros have stopped hating them and got on their bandwagon?   Why are Melbournites so weird? and What kind of a stupid name is Cooper Cronk anyway?  Click HERE to watch.

Rudd stiffing building unions is smart politics

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Kevin Rudd continues to be the master of the political centre, even with the entry of the socially moderate Mal Turnbull. Case in point: his dismantling of John Howard’s wonderfully oxymoronic ‘WorkChoices’ laws. He’s been very careful when clipping the union’s toenails to go a bit too close – so they squeak a little. Just loud enough for the electorate to hear. Not only are union peak bodies miffed at… click HERE to read on.

Sydney’s Muslim boys learn their lessons

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Mention Punchbowl Boys High to people and you’ll hear a whole lot of stories. You’ll hear how it’s the toughest school in the country, deep in the Lebanese Muslim enclave that surrounds Lakemba, Punchbowl and Bankstown. You’ll hear how it’s encircled by an eight-foot barbed wire fence. You’ll hear how intruders once broke into the school and put a gun to a teacher’s head. You’ll hear how… click HERE to read on.

Satanists, sexing broncos and Arnold Schwarzenegger

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As usual it wasn’t the articles that proved most interesting this week on but the lively debate that accompanied them. Our story on a group of Russian Satanists who stabbed a teen 666 times before eating her drew widespread outrage. But maybe not for the reasons you might think, as poster ‘EnkiEa’ illustrated. “This is not Satanism, this is a group of deluded teens lashing out, as a Satanic High Priest this storey sickens me, we are about advancement, morality and nature, events like this give real satanists a bad name.” Here, here – come on guys Satanism isn’t just about the blood orgies and sacrificial eyeball popping.  Click HERE to read on.

The politics of envy and the actions of greed

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Ever since Mal Turnbull got the job as Australia’s Tory top-dog all we’ve heard about is ‘the politics of envy’. The Daily Telegraph was spewing forth about the great piles of envy being heaped on Mal in a recent editorial. It told us the people who dared to point out Mal’s fabulous wealth would make it hard for him to understand the concerns of ordinary Australians were guilty of a great sin: envy. “Envy is a corrosive, potentially ruinous force. This is the case regardless of whether one envies a schoolmate’s runners or a politician’s wealth,” the Terror whined. Sure envy is bad. It’s even a deadly sin. But isn’t greed as well?  Click HERE to read on.

Who owns the world economic crisis?

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It’s funny how all the warriors of the right are so keen at claiming the success of free market economics. But no one seems too keen to claim the failures. And, conveniently for them, most of the public and the commentariat don’t seem very motivated to make them. No-one seems to want to shout the virtue of cowboy capitalism when massive financial institutions like Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers and Babcock and Brown and are snapping like twigs. That’s convenient, because apparently the rest of us should just shut up and… click HERE to read on, and to watch the hilarious Daily Show vid.

EXCLUSIVE: Chaser vote down US Election show

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In news sure to disappoint smart-arses across the nation hit comedy team The Chaser have revealed they will not be doing a special on the US election for either Australian or American TV. But already the ‘news’ is being dismissed as an elaborate ruse. The team had been widely tipped to bring their satirical skills to bear on the important poll. The news came amid industry rumours that while the hugely popular group had wanted to cover the November Presidential election the ABC would not stump up enough cash for the project. The team have… click HERE to read on.

Travis and Brigitte to ‘do’ Europe

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Few people would nominate being trapped on a month long bus trip with Big Brother’s squeaky voiced Travis and pouting brat Brigitte as a dream holiday. But that’s OK. Only a hundred need to to make the ‘Travis Does Europe’ tour a success with tickets going on sale in coming weeks. The popular pair have teamed up with a local travel agent, Direct Holidays, to set up the Contiki-style tour that begins in London and traverses France, Spain, Italy, Greece, Germany, and Austria before finishing in the ever popular Amsterdam. The reality TV pair will show off their… click HERE to read on and to WATCH my interview with Travis.

Palin’s ugliness is her beliefs

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It’s easy to see the appeal of US Vice-Presidential hopeful Sarah Palin. She’s pretty, she’s bright, and she’s a woman. She’s got a soap opera for a family –  an unmarried teenage daughter who’s up the duff to the local yokel, a soldier son who’s about to ship out to Iraq, a Down Syndrome baby, a husband who’s a devout unionist and a gaggle of other redneck offspring. And add to that, the novelty she’s from remote Alaska to boot. What better way to distract people from a beaten-up old political tart like Senator John McCain? To help in the enormous task of distancing this Republican ticket from the septic wound that is… click HERE to read on.

Back to school

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Went out to my old campus yesterday to have a yak about journalism to all the students out there.  It was great to be back at the mighty University of Western Sydney.  I was just musing generally on the profession and how it is changing and also on my career.  I quoted from some articles I’ve written in the past.  Here are some of the links for keen UWS students.  For an article on Gen Y moving from being media consumers to media producers click here.  For a piece on why I went on Big Brother click here.  For a piece on why I reckon Uni types should engage with popular culture click here.  To watch my East Timor doco click here.  And here’s an example of reader comments informing stories… um… i think that’s it.

Where’s Tim gone?

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You may have noticed your correspondent hasn’t posted nuffing for a few days. That’s because he’s over in New York referring to himself in the third person. But that’s not all he’s doing in the capital of the world. He’s also bedridden with gastro in the most expensive and filthiest hostel this side of Timbuktu. As well as that he’s been marvelling at how the second he leaves a whole lot of juicy stories rear their heads. Like that one on the illegal warehouse party that got shut down… having been to a few old Timbo can guess Mr Plod’s version of events is tropical strength bumf. And that yarn on the fairfax journo’s strike… seriously me leave’s for a second and the world goes to… anyway must go I’m sure there’s a New Yorker somehwere rostered on to simultaneously be rude to me and rip me off. And time is money. Talk soon.

One crazy week at

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Our story on the giant inflatable dog turd which tore free of its moorings and carved a path of destruction through the Swiss countryside, made it on to America’s Colbert Report – the best satirical news program in the world (see video). But the fun was just starting. In response to a story Calls for prescriptions for Nurofen Plus one ‘Joe Mater’ had an interesting take. “Dear Sirs, we need to buy NUROFEN HEADECH TABLETS AND CAPSULES in large quantity for iraq country, free zone beirut in transit. kindly send us your best offers in case you can supply regards joe matar 961 3 473 593 mobile.” It was difficult to know how to respond. So we just popped a few Nurofen and moved on. Which was good because there was a veritable fire about to start over at… click HERE to read on.

Bob Katter is a whinging sook-bag

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You might not have seen it, but today he was all over the TV whining about how scared he is of city folk, of how we bend his words and those of all his country bumpkin cousins’. How we stomp on all his good ol’ country honesty. Come on, Bob. You need to put down the banjo and get some backbone – instead of laying around on the land revelling in rural welfare like diesel subsidies and phone and post rebates. I think I speak for all of us shiny city peeps when I say we’re kind of sick of your whining. If it’s not drought relief, it’s water allocation, if it’s not dry land salinity it’s your wheat cartel giving kickbacks to Saddam. To be honest mate we’re kind of sick of carrying you. You and your… click HERE to read on.

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