Mum’s the word; Goldman was great

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It’s not often my Mum rings me to discuss Mike Goldman. In fact she never does. But she did on Sunday, to praise his hosting efforts on Big Brother’s Sunday night eviction show. She, along with many long-term BB fans, believes he displayed not only great warmth but an enormous knowledge of the program. Well you’d hope so. The guy has been narrating the Big Brother daily show for eight years, hosting Friday Night Live for three, and for yonks hosted cult hit Big Brother UpLate. He probably knows more about BB than anyone… read on by clicking HERE.

‘Game on, moll’: Ralph accepts my challenge

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Last week your scribe challenged Ralph magazine to a duel after they labelled me their Biggest Big Brother Tool. While I am happy to admit to, nay sometimes brag about, my general tooliness I felt against the stiff competition of 120 former BB inmates there must have been some mistake. So I challenged the wordsmiths over at the lad’s mag to a challenge; I will take on any of their editorial team in any contest, whether it be bourbon drinking, crotch-scratching, woman-ogling or footy-show watching. Well, the day after you read my defiant words I got a call from Luke Anisimoff… to find out what he said… click HERE.

Timmy’s Big Brother Blog Week 5

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One has to kick off with the intruders about to be inserted into the house doesn’t one? They won’t be welcome. The HM’s will have started to get pretty territorial by now – they’ll have started to see the house as their home rather than just a TV set they were chucked into. These intruders and those that may come after will be received about as well as a sand enema. There’ll be two pretty things – Cherry the hot young surfer and Rhianna the yummy mummy. But far more interestingly there’ll also be Terrance a married 51-year-old, not so much for what he’ll bring but for what he’ll do to Terri… click HERE to read on.

Sheilas love gays, hate immigrants

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Women love gays, but hate immigrants according to a Women’s Weekly study of 15,000 women released this week. While 70 percent believe gays should have the same rights at hetro couples, a majority also believe immigration needs to be more tightly controlled. So what can refugee activists learn from this study? Well, actually there’s two things. First: find more gay migrants. The world’s refugee camps and even our own detention centres need to be scoured immediately to find some shiny gay refugees the housewives of Australia can grow to love… read on.

An open letter to Ralph magazine

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Dear Ralph,
As a long term Ralph subscriber I was shocked to read recently I was voted by the magazine as the biggest of all tools to have entered the Big Brother house. No mean feat when you consider there have been over 120 contestants on the show. While happy to concede to my general tooliness in any forum, against such stiff competition I do feel a little hard done by. The article was specific about some of my shortfalls, namely that on the show I “blabbed on endlessly about politics” in the hope “uni chicks” would give me “a polish after eviction” and that my… click HERE to read on.

Paedophilia or Art?

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The word you keep hearing in reference to Bill Henson’s controversial exhibition of pictures of adolescents is ‘sick’. And the photographs may be. But what is definitely sick is the way people have fallen over themselves to condemn these artworks without having ever seen them – in context – in an art gallery. Politicians of all colours, sensing an easy free kick, have all lined up for a go over the last 24 hours since the story was beaten into an issue by right-wing columnist, Miranda Devine… read on.

Big Brother Blog Week 4

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You’ve got to hand it to Nathan… there really is an art in comprehensively buggering your chances with a chick. In being so cringeworthily condescending and sickly sweet that a girl you know likes you gives you the flick. And to be pulling it off at the age of 27… wow… I mean if he was 19 it could just be inexperience… but at 27… that takes real skill. And then to have your face so comprehensively rubbed in it by your target. To have her become so ill she says “I just can’t have any more D&M’s with the dude” before rolling into bed with the resident alpha male for a… click HERE to read on.

PM needs to turn hose on fat cats

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It’s not enough for Kevin Rudd to tut tut at corporate leaders who award themselves outrageous salaries simply because they can. He has to do something about it. Over the Howard years executive pay ballooned in a grotesque way. In the last 15 years salaries of chief executives at the top 100 companies went from 22 times the average full time wage to 80 times.* That’s about $4 million. Rudd’s toothless admonishment of corporate greed was prompted by… click HERE to read on.

Best Big Brother Stuff On the InterWeb

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Want to see the best blow by blow website on Big Brother? Well head over to my sister site ‘Oh, Brother’ and check out the latest stories, video interviews with HMs and behind the scenes content. And you better bookmark it too baby! OK, no more b’s, just click HERE.

Attention Media Junkies! Beware the rent-a-quote

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Journalists are creatures of habit. Which is a nice way of saying they’re lazy. When they’re writing a story and need to get an expert’s opinion, they don’t randomly look up a list of doctors, or psychologists or whatever then close their eyes, point at the page and call whoever comes up. They call someone they know will give them a good juicy quote and who has the title to back it up. In the game they’re called rent-a-quotes. Enter adolescent psychologist and media hussy Michael Carr-Gregg… click HERE to read more…

Cults, racism and man-children: BB ain’t bland

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Every year we hear the same complaint about Big Brother – that it’s a festival of blandness, a circus of the mundane, a Bogans’ Olympics. Well, not this year. Already we’ve seen a parade of juicy topics thrown up by the show. Exhibit A: A tattooed bloke called Saxon who believes in UFOs, and thinks the government set up Martin Bryant. He likes myths, conspiracy theories and make- believe. Like that the Cronulla riots were a legitimate response to ‘Lebanese gangs running Sydney beaches’… Click HERE 4 more.

How MyFace, YouBook and I-Berries are killing you

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Mobile phones, blackberries, and email were meant to make us all freer. They were meant to let us commune with our nearest and dearest more easily, to grease the wheels of interaction a little, to bring us all a little closer and – most importantly – to save us some time. Facebook, VOI, MySpace, instant messaging and comment functions on websites were meant to increase the flow of ideas. To help us relate to each other. But they haven’t. They’ve… what? If you want to find out you’ll have to click HERE.

Is Corey on BB child abuse?

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The ‘controversy’ over Corey Worthington being put in the Big Brother house has continued to bubble after a Melbourne child psychologist claimed on Tuesday it was child abuse. Seriously people, this is a kid’s TV show, can everyone please take a deep breath? This ‘our young people are being corrupted’ line is about as old as Methuselah. This is the kind of thing they… click HERE to keep reading – and to hear me sparing with 3AW’s Neil Mitchell on the issue.

Boredom is the real enemy in Big Brother

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So this year’s housemates have settled in. By now they’re used to the constant observation, the blasting 24hr lights, sleeping with strangers, the horrible food and being bullied by Big Brother. By now they’ll be discovering the reality of Big Brother – coping with mind-numbing boredom and the idiotic babble that inevitably fills the vacuum. They’ll have realised – as painful as it can be… want to know more?  Well if you do you’ll have to click HERE.

Get Tim’s stuff factory direct

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Want to get my rantings delivered straight to your inbox? What a stupid question of course you do. Well the easiest way is to go to the subscription box on the top right of the sidebar and sign up. You’ll get an email every time I post something – if you’re interested click through, if not maybe next time… it really is the best way to keep me nice and close.

Message to Alicia Keys: Find the right conspiracy

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There’s no problem with Grammy award winning soul singer Alicia Keys believing bizarre conspiracy theories – it’s just she believes in all the wrong ones. And there are lots of weird ones out there; from Scientology (psychiatrists are sex-offending dope dealers) to Moonwalk landing sceptics (it was all filmed in a studio) to the people who believe the world is controlled by the masons. But why did she have to pick up one she saw in a movie?  This nonsense about the US government killing tupac… Click HERE to read on.

Big Brother critics can back off… for now

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“Shut up!” That’s what you can now say to those who whine about BB being an “Olympics of boganism”, who carp that “it’s just full of 22-year-old promo models”, and who bitch that it’s simply “show ponies prancing around prettily in the shower waggling their artificial appendages”. Click HERE to read on AND to see my interview with myself about the first episode of Big Brother.

I ask the tough Rick Astley based Questions

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So I went to the MTV music awards red carpet on the weekend. We asked the stars about music, about awards and obviously Rick Astley. Click HERE to watch…

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