Good Stuff in Gaza

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You don’t often hear good news stories coming out of the Gaza Strip. Least of all about a charity marathon to run the entire length of the country to raise money for the local kids being put on a young Ozzie. Well if you DO want to hear such a story you’ll have to listen to 2SER breakfast tomorrow (6-9). It’s at 107.3FM. And we have some great podcasts of previous episodes too – like one with real live vampires… you can listen here. (And you can stream 2SER here… oh and to donate to the Gaza Marathon click here)

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Comic Genius Hits 2SER

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Nick Coyle is more than just a great writer. He’s also a fantastic performer and an even better flower arranger. He’s also pregnant which, whether he’s good at it or not, is pretty amazing. He’ll be on the show tomorrow – as well as freshly minted Greens MP Jamie Parker… who’ll be explaining to us how it feels to knock off a progressive woman to win power. So tune in to 2SER 10.7.3FM tomorrow from 6am-9am. Oh, btw you can listen to our podcasts here.

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Oration’s are the new black

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Who doesn’t like a good oration? In fact I believe, done correctly, there are few things better. But done poorly not only can it be painful but it can leave you with a nasty limp for up to a week. Luckily Julia Gillard’s inaugural Gough Whitlam Oration last week at UWS’s Parramatta campus was an example of the former. And it all hit the headlines; she bagged the greens, she mooted a tuff budget, she made some jokes about the NSW ALP machine… it was great… I’m hosting TVS’s exclusive coverage of the event this Sunday the 10th at 6.30pm. Don’t miss it!

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It was all a joke!

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Last Friday on breakfast I told you 2SER was going completely talk back. That after 30 years we were ditching the music format and taking on the 2UE’s and 2GB’s of the world. We were going to beat David Oldfeld, Roy Hadley and Aaron Jones at their own game. So we played ads for erectile dysfunction and got angry about stuff. And me and the station have been getting calls ever since! So for the record – it was April 1st! It was a joke. So please stop the emails!

It’s the Day of Deputies on 2SER

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It’s March the 25th – the day before the state election. And we’ve celebrating by getting you a whole lot of Deputies… we’ve got the Deputy Premier, the Deputy Opposition leader and the Deputy of the Pirate Party David Campbell… we’ve also got Greens MP David Shoebridge… and we’ve sure he must have been a Deputy at some point in time… anyway tune in online or in Sydney on 107.3 FM from 6am-9am… and check out some of our podcasts here


Will women lose when O’Farrell wins?

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New South Wale’s Labor Government might be a lot of things – but sexist it is not. In fact it’s notched up a startling range of firsts for women over the last 16 years. It’s leader, Kristina Keneally, is a woman – the first NSW Premier ever. The deputy is a chick too. And they appointed the 1st female governor. And they doubled the number of those with two X chromosomes that are Judges and school principals… click here to read on…


How would if feel to save 5 million lives?

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Imagine knowing you’d saved 5 million lives… how would that feel? Well tomorrow on 2SER we talk to an Aussie woman who has + we ask the shadow education minister some year 9 trivia to see if he’s up to the job + we yak to funnyman Marc Fennell of Hungry Beast fame… 6-9  107.3FM… Check out the podcasts here.


New show takes care of business

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Ok so I just finished a great little show called Small Biz Central. We went out and met a whole lot of businesses and then had a studio panel that gave them some advice and feedback. We did everyone from turbo makers in Ashfield to hairdressers in East Sydney to jumping castle builders in St Mary’s. Business people will love it but also people who are just generally interested in stuff. It’ll air next year on TVS. Stay tuned. Or visit the website.


Bearhawk devours popular culture

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Once in a generation the kind of visionary comes along who can transcend music, theory, style and even time. Enter Eugene Clifford lead singer of seminal new band Bearhawk. As well as being a musical visionary he’s also the self proclaimed King of all Hipsters. He’s got a way rad site with new music, a hipster advice podcast, and even videos. Check it out here.

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2SER breakfast finishes year in triumph

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Well it’s been a great year for the breakfast show on 2SER. We’ve pretty much had everyone in the studio from Scientologists and sex workers with fresh tattoos on their bottom’s to student activists suing the government and English anti-porn campaigners. We’ve had right-wing columnist Tim Blair, left-wing pin up boy Antony Lowenstein and jailed former bankers who got in bed with Mexican drug cartels… wow this is getting exhausting… but there was also The Chaser’s Dom Knight… anyway there’ll be plenty more next year… so stay tuned to 2SER 107.3 every Wednesday 6am-9am… continuing over the summer break!


Subscribe to underground media!

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Everyone’s doing it, including my Grandma. Underground media is hip again. But this fad might only last a few more months – so jump on board while you still can and subscribe to the undergroundiest media there is – Sydney’s 2SER! Don’t take my word for it though – we’ve had geezers from Get Up, Triple J’s Hack, and even that cuddly curmudgeon Mungo McCallum on the show to tell us why underground news and music are so important. But without the ads comes the need to shake the tin every so often. Come on call 9514 9500 or go to the website – it only costs a few shekels and you get a showbag, instant prizes and the chance to win a holiday a bike and $1500 worth of music! Go on. Don’t tell me you’re not as cool as my Grandma!

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Will white people like The Chaser?

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Remember that guy who started that ‘Stuff white people like’ blog and a few short years later had a book on the New York Times best seller list and now travels the world being a professional smartarse? Well we’ve got him on the wireless this week + we’re joined in the studio by The Chaser’s Dom Knight who’ll be talking about his new book Comrades and just generally being funny but also oh so intelligent. So tune into 2SER, you know the time… (and here’s a sneak peak of Dom’s book – the first 3 chapters no less!)

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Talking mammary madness on 2CC

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Was talking TV with Mike Welsh over at Canberra’s 2CC this week. First up was Andrew Hansen’s new show Strictly Speaking which is kind of half Australian Idol, half high school debate. Then we turned our minds to Katy Perry and the recent problems her poorly restrained mammaries have caused her kid’s TV career – don’t cry too much though cos she’s got a host of other gigs out of it… like a part on The Simpsons. BTW 2CC have gone all internet 2.0 and are tweeting and facebooking like crazy… check it out here.

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Hipsters, hot activists and the Burqua ban man

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Absolute ripper show on 2SER this week. We yak to the self-styled leader of all hipsters, Eugene Clifford, yummy mummy and activist Amanda Tattersall and Newtown’s controversial Ban the Burqua Man. Get involved by sending us an email at or tweet at @thefridaydaily.

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Intelligent talkback lands at 2SER

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So when I say intelligent I mean it’s not rabid right wing garbage. Let me explain – a mate and I have started a show on 2SER – it’s talkback without the racism and conservative claptrap. We’ll ape the form but not the content. Instead of offering simple solutions to complex problems we appeal to people’s intellect – not their emotions. We’re trying to start a genuine discussion with listeners. You can stream us on the web here.


Kangaroo killers take nation hostage

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As Oakeshott and Windsor hold a knife to our democracy’s throat it’s worth remembering what a campaign in a rural seat actually takes. And what it takes is a lot of driving. And sometimes you hit kangaroos… watch here.

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X-Factor punch ups and drug addicted jocks

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If only the two could meet. Abby and Lisa have taken the world by storm – their crass idioticness a breath of fresh air after years of talent shows with weepy grateful contestants genuflecting before pompous judges. The deserve a segment on a show at the very least… in fact perhaps they could get a slot on Ben Cousins’ new show… we discuss it all on 2CC… podcast it here.

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Edge of his seat

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Had a yak to Joel Edgerton about why he threw a radio at Cate Blanchett’s head and how working in LA is actually like Entourage. We also had a rave about his new film The Waiting City, which is admittedly why the publicists served him up to me in the first place… watch here… (just scroll down a bit the video is there!)

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