In the Great hall with the Great men

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Went back to Uni of the weekend to do the annual Alumni vs Students comedy debate. We were debating the proposition ‘The GFC is a plot by Alumni to keep university students in their place’. On my team, all decked out in academic dress, was Rob Carlton of Chandon Pictures fame and Adam Spencer the alchemist behind many an ABC radio and TV show. The Usyd students however were the stand outs, funny, smart and gracious… as tradition says the Alumni must win… a great day.

Selfish bastards drive us all mad

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What kind of scumbag rorts a disabled parking scheme? What kind of bastard connives to get themselves a visitors parking permit even though they don’t qualify for it? Well a Sydney pub owner could be one example, if charges laid against him are proven. Police have charged this rich bloke with being in possession of a parking permit which may be reasonably suspected of being stolen or click HERE to read on.


King Kyle and the festival of schadenfreude

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The most interesting aspect of Kyle-gate hasn’t been his lack of any real contrition, the mysterious whereabouts of his co-host Jackie O or the lie detector stunt at the centre of it all. It’s been the unbridled festival of schadenfreude in which most in the media and the wider community have indulged themselves since news of his error. Even before this latest incident there were literally millions of people who thought what Sandilands does on radio is… click HERE to read on.


MasterChef whingers should shut up

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Whinging hardcore fans of cooking show MasterChef almost drowned out the massive success of the show’s finale. And what they should do is simply. Shut their cake holes. Read on by clicking here.


Dare I Ask? finale blows minds

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What do you get when you put right wing rabble rouser Tim Blair, eternally cynical shit stirrer Joe Hilderbrand, deep thinking lefty Miriam Lyons and ABC stalwart Miriam Corowa in a studio together? A dogfight that’s what. That’s why for the season finale of Dare I Ask? we brought all four together to ask the tough questions.  But don’t worry you haven’t missed it – it’s on tonight at 9.30pm on TVS Sydney (Channel 31)… and you can even watch it online at the same time HERE.


Is Google racist?

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Why does my poo float? Why do black people smell? Why does my cat lick me?  Why do white people love Wayne Brady? These are some of the most asked questions in the world according to Google’s latest feature – ‘Google Suggest’ – which pre-empts what you might be about to type into the search engine and suggests shortcuts to it. Its purpose might be to save time but its bi-product is nothing less than a unique look into our collective consciousness. For example if you type…click HERE to read on.

Is monogamy unnatural?

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A massive 40% of marriages end in divorce. Is this why more societies in world history have been polygamous than monogamous? We couldn’t work it out so over at Dare I Ask? we got down and dirty with swingers, pastors and relationship counsellors in an orgy of facts and figures to work out it we’re meant to sleep around. Tune in to Dare I Ask? on TVS this Tuesday the 30th at 9.30pm.  Or watch it live on the net here.


Is death the last taboo?

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We live in a youth obsessed culture.  Death, illness and spirituality have become less and less a part of our lives as we’ve lived longer and rejected religion.  So what would you do if you knew you were going to die in just a few weeks?  Tonight on Dare I Ask? we ask a terminally ill teen, a campaigning Pastor and a man who talks death every day what they would do.  Tune on TVS (Channel 31) at 9.30pm or watch live here on the net.


Stripping for CLEO readers

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I forgot to mention… you should go out and get a copy of CLEO this month.  It’s only on newsstands for a little while longer.  Why?  Well because I’ve got a yarn in it about going on an infamous ‘Wild Boys Afloat’ cruise as an honorary hen.  And also because there’s pictures of me stripping… actually just go with the first reason… (BTW if you is a cheap skate simply flick to page 102 in the newsagency)

Our Jelly Bellies – who’s to blame?

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Who’s to blame for our ballooning bellies?  Is it junk food, poor willpower or just the plethora of nationalities who have brought their culinary delights to our shores?  Don’t know?  Sick of being asked questions? Well come and find some answers on Dare I Ask? tonight at 9.30pm on TVS (Channel 31).  Or watch online here.  P.S. 2009 Biggest Loser winner Bob Herdsman, who lost 53% of his body weight, joins me on the show to shed some light…

A nation of narks

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It was only when my friend got in trouble for leaving her jumper on the grass in the botanic gardens during a short jog this week that it dawned on me we have become a nation of narks. It wasn’t the first run in me or my mates have had with the legions of hired goons that seem to have popped up in our harbour city, forever poised to crush any conceivable piece of spontaneity as soon as it raises its dangerous head. Click HERE to read on.


New Belvoir play triumphs

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Perhaps Ruben Guthrie, the protagonist in the Belvoir St Theatre company’s latest play should have listened to the Sex Pistols when they sang “You’re only 29, you gotta lot to learn”. The successful ad man is at the top of his game – he’s creative director at a big ad agency with a 19-year-old model girlfriend and a swag of industry awards – but it’s all about to all unravel for one simple reason. He’s addicted to booze.  Click HERE to read on.


Sex Workers: What’s under those covers?

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Sex work – it’s one of the last taboos. Tonight on Dare I Ask? we rap with two sex workers, a chick and a guy, and we also yak with one of the industry’s many clients.  He’s a disability advocate who reckons the government should pay for him to visit sex workers. Tune in tonight to TVS at 9.30pm to find out more.  Or tune in over the internet here or just visit our website and fill in our poll.


Sydney Film Festival preview

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The problem with going to the launch of our annual film fest is that you have to watch all the trailers for the film – which is like having to smell 30 amazing dishes but not being able to eat any until June 3-14.  That sucks.  But… when June 3 comes it’s going to be one amazing audiovisual feast – John Malkovich’s Disgrace, Rachel Ward’s Beautiful Kate, Looking for Eric, Missing Water, Coraline… they all look amazing.  Watch our preview vid here.


Junkies, heroin and a bit of hush

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Even though it was all about the controversial world of heroin and drug addicts it was actually a very simple dignified gathering. And while speakers told of their experiences of friends dying, of lanes littered with used fits and a seedier Kings Cross of yesteryear the tranquil surrounds of the Wayside Chapel didn’t seem the least bit incongruous. So went the simple ceremony on Wednesday to mark the 10th anniversary of the Wayside Chapel’s groundbreaking T room or tolerance room – the space created for the area’s injecting drug users to safely shoot up without fear of overdosing. Click HERE to read on.


Indy media arcs up on air

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So Community media faces a crisis.  If Big Kev does not help the sector go digital – both radio and TV – in next week’s budget it’s trucked.  Channel 31 – the training ground for the likes of Andrew Denton and Rove McManus will be no more.  Great radio stations like 2SER and Fbi here in Sydney and RRR in Melbourne will die.  We get heavy hitters like Andy Nehl – broadcaster, producer and anarchist rabble rouser who currently works with The Chaser and Andrew Denton, Community media honcho Deb Welch and futurist Mark Pesce into the ring on Dare I Ask? to talk about it – and they fire up!  So tune in tonight to TVS at 9.30pm to find out. Or watch here.


Reality TV sh!ts in its own nest

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With The Biggest Loser and So You Think You Can Dance hitting the finishing line this week and MasterChef Australia exploding onto our screens, it’s worth sparing a thought for the ugly duckling of Australian reality TV. Unlike their cousins on higher profile shows, the girls from Channel Nine’s Ladette to Lady, which ended only a few weeks ago, seem to have got the roughest deal ever in the history of the genre.  It really is eye-opening – click here to read on.

Turkey goes live on the web

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Well it’s finally happened.  The show I host Dare I Ask? is now available on the net.  Most of you will be as excited as me because some of you can’t pick up TVS on the TV.  Well now you’ll be able to enjoy the wonder of our show on tarnished celebrities which features one of the Big Brother Turkey Slappers and ABC Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes by simply clicking here. Enjoy!

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